Sketchbook Random Characters

I finished a new sketchbook a few weeks back and wanted to share a selection of different types of drawings that are in its pages. Starting this week with  random characters. These are just ideas that come to me as I watch television or when I am bored. These characters for the most part have no story behind them. Sometimes I will draw a person I see and they leave me with an unfinished drawing. This than becomes and opportunity to use my imagination. Hope you like these. Next week I will post drawings from observation of people.  

Calidonian Warrior

I wanted to share a personal project I have been working on. This was a concept that i wanted to do and had in the back of my head for a little while. I started thinking about a Scottish warrior that fought mythical creatures from there lore. Here were some quick sketches i did to get started. 

These were drawn with ink on paper and than scanned and brought to photoshop

From here I picked bits and pieces and started working on a painted piece. I stopped with it because i felt that he didn't feel  barbarian enough and went in an other direction.

This piece is all digital

So yeah hes huge! il go into more details about why hes so big and what his story is next week :)

Norah is One!

Well its been a year! Cant say im proud of how little I have posted. Cant say I havent been busy with Norah and work. I look forward to posting more paintings and sketches as well as concepts that I have done over the passed year and that I am doing now. To start here is my baby again :)

Into the Woods

So here is where I am so far with developing one of the sketches. There is still quite a lot of work to be done. I wanted to talk a little bit about my process or more importantly my references and where i get inspiration.

into teh woods.jpg

I just got a new book, on Arthur Rackham. An amazing illustrator who's images tell stories of fairy tails but within a dark world that has real danger. What I love most about his images is his depictions of nature. To me he shows so mush love for drawing trees rocks, and clouds etc.. that show knowledge from observation and yet a very personal touch.  

Here is the Drawing i Did of the Grandmother dragging her grand children into the woods.

As I am not dumb enough to put my work next to Mr Rackham's I invite everyone to check out his work and read about him but mostly enjoy the stories he illustrated.

Bringing the boys.jpg

A little Colour :)

Well Here are some of the previous sketches with a little colour. These are all far from being finished but 20 minutes per sketch was enough to get the over all feel and mood . There still some more I'm going to do before choosing which of these I'm going to take to a final finish. 


Sketches for New Project!

Happy new Year!

Here are some sketches i did today. There all very quick. I am trying to find good compositions to tell the basic story of different locations. This is a new personal project that I am starting to develop again. I have looked at Arthur Rackham for trees and storytelling as well as looked at other books that i have around the studio. 

Next I am going to go into these and figure out the lighting and start adding some textures. This should be fun. 

An Audience with the Snail King

Now this was off of a quick sketch i did in my sketchbook. I was being asked to do lots of monsters and demons at the time. I wanted to do something that was more of adventure and magic to take a breath. I was really putting time in getting the colors and the lighting right. You see alot of work out there where the colors just POP! This is m attempt. please let me know what you think :)

Ready for Battle

This is a character i developed for a project over in the states. Im happy with the finish :)

A Selection of Sketches from last week

Now here Is a sketch im thinking of fully rendering. Its nice to do pictures with a little more magic.

now the guy on the bottom was sitting with his young kid. I was thinking what would this guy look like if there was a zombie apocalypse..... I dont think he would have lasted long

This was just for fun trying to play with big and small shapes.

just for fun :)